The Best Bridal Shop Trip Possible: Planning For Your Big Day

Posted on: 26 November 2015

When you get engaged, one of the first thoughts you have is about finding the perfect dress for the occasion. However, what you may not realize is how different wedding dress shopping at a bridal shop is than any other clothing shopping you will do in your life. Get to know some of the ways that you can make your wedding dress shopping experience the best possible so that you and the people you bring with you have an enjoyable time and find you the perfect dress for your big day.

Make a Whole Day of It

First and foremost, you do not want to rush your wedding dress shopping experience. You want to savor it and be sure that you get to enjoy the process of looking at and trying on dresses. Rushing is not your friend when you are making the biggest fashion decision of your life.

As such, plan an entire day of fun with your dress shopping helpers. Make lunch reservations at a luxurious restaurant. Maybe even plan to end the day with manicures and massages after your day of shopping. And, of course, be sure that you make appointments at the bridal shops you plan to explore so that you have attentive service and assistance as you try on dresses. All of these steps will make the whole day more fun (and efficient) for you and your guests.

Choose Your Group Carefully

One of the biggest mistakes that a bride shopping for her wedding dress can make is to bring too many people with her when she is shopping for her wedding dress. A similar and related mistake can be bringing the wrong people with you on your wedding dress shopping excursion.

When you are selecting your shopping buddies, think carefully. If you have a best friend who absolutely hates shopping, you probably do not want to subject them to an entire day of dress shopping, even if they are in your wedding party. Instead, text them pictures of some of your favorites so that they can be included without having to be there. You do not want a constant dark cloud hanging over your shopping trip due to someone who really does not want to be there.

Be sure you do not select all "yes people" to come with you. These are the people who will tell you that everything you wear or try on looks absolutely amazing and is "the one." While these people may be a great ego boost for you, they will not help you to make a good decision about your dress.

Bring instead, the people who love you and think you are beautiful always, but will also tell you when a dress just is not the right look for you. Your mother, your best friends, and even a male sibling, family member, or friend will provide you with the feedback you need to choose your most flattering silhouette and get you the dress of your dreams.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to make your wedding dress shopping experience the best one possible, you can select your entourage and make all of the reservations and appointment necessary to get started.

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