How To Stream A Funeral Or Wake To Keep The Family Connected

Posted on: 20 October 2015

When someone passes away who has loved ones living all over the world, it can be difficult to get everyone together for a wake or the funeral. Fortunately, the internet has made it possible for funerals to be streamed online for people all over the world to be able to see at one time. The following guide walks you through the process of streaming a funeral for your family through the internet.

Get Permission from the Funeral Home

The first thing you need to do is discuss your plan with the funeral director. He or she will need to give you permission to stream any portion of the wake or funeral that will take place in the funeral home.

Set Up Your Camera Ahead of Time

Arrive at the funeral home an hour or so before the wake or funeral is scheduled to start to ensure that you can set up the camera and take practice shots before everything starts. This allows you to make any adjustments that are needed ahead of time so that everything goes off without a hitch once the actual ceremony begins.

Be Sure to Use a Microphone

Have a microphone readily available for speakers to use. This will ensure that people who are watching the wake or funeral through live streaming will be able to hear everything that is being said about your loved one who has passed away.

Check on the Connection

Before everything begins, be sure to check the streaming connection. Contact someone who is watching the footage and make sure that the video is being streamed properly and that the sound is working well. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, you can make them immediately and get feedback that they worked right away.

Record the Wake and Funeral

Since you will already be using a camera to stream the wake and funeral, be sure to record the event as well. This allows anyone who could not be present or stream the wake or funeral to view it at a later time.

Once you are certain that everything is working properly, you can start the wake. If the funeral is on a separate day, repeat the same process and stream the funeral to everyone in your family. The entire process is very affordable and well worth the effort if it makes everyone feel as though they got to say goodbye to someone they loved. For more information about streaming a funeral, contact a company like Christmans Funeral Home Inc.